PowerSquare Fast Wireless Charging Pad


This item will be released at a future date.

The PowerSquare Fast Wireless Charging Pad is a stylish wireless charger that can charge any brand of Qi- compatible device. With a 10W output, it provides a faster charging option to Apple and Samsung phones that are compatible to wireless charging technology.

You can simply drop your Qi-compatible device on the center of the Charging Pad and the device starts charging on contact.

The Charging Pad comes with a Micro-USB Cable and can charge through most cases which have a maximum thickness of up to 3 mm.


  • Charge any Qi-compatible device
  • With charging output of 10W, provides fast charging feature to Apple & Samsung Qi-compatible phones
  • Charges through most cases up to 3mm
  • Anti-slip surface to ensure phone is placed perfectly for charging
  • Soft LED white light under the charging area that indicates charging on contact
  • Package contains Fast Wireless Charging Pad, Micro-USB Cable and User Manual


  • Net Weight                         : 95 g
  • Dimensions                        : 90 x 90 x 15 mm
  • Input Voltage                     : DC5V,2.0A   DC9V,1.8A
  • Cable                                   : 1.5M Cable
  • Frequency                           : 110~205KHZ
  • Charging Distance            :<10 mm
  • Conversion                          :>72%