wireless phone charging

PowerSquare’s Pavan Pudipeddi featured in Killer Features

PowerSquare’s Pavan Pudipeddi was recently featured in India’s leading tech lifestyle site, Killer Features:

wireless phone charging


When I met Pudipeddi, he was ready with his impressive set up on the table. He asked me to put my iPhone X on PowerSquare’s signature charging mat and then set my smart Watch there as well. Both of the devices started to charge simultaneously.

“This charging mat is our flagship product. It has a patented six coil design. And because of that, it can charge multiple devices no matter what platform they are using,” he said,”Our vision is to build a world without wires. Our focus is on the experiences rather than the products.”

Another intriguing product of the startup is a wireless power bank. Apart from the traditional USB port charging the power bank can charge the devices wirelessly. If you place it on a wireless charging mat it can be charged wirelessly as well.

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