powersquare wireless phone charger

PowerSquare featured in India’s Gadgets 360

“If wireless charging takes off, the question, “Do you need an iPhone charging cable or an Android cable?”, may become irrelevant in the near future.”

powersquare wireless phone charger

That’s the statement from the PowerSquare feature in Gadgets360, one of India’s leading tech gadgets portals. The interview with Pavan Pudipeddi , founder and CEO of PowerSquare, focuses on the company’s launch of an in-car wireless charging solution, and the revamped version of its wireless charging mat for multiple devices and a wireless charging power bank.

“Most Qi wireless chargers in the market have a rather small pad for you to place your smartphone on. If your device moves even slightly — as is the case when it vibrates if you get a call or text messages — it stops charging on many of these chargers. PowerSquare says its charger allows your device a lot more freedom to move.

PowerSquare – and some other brands – can do this by adding additional induction coils to the charging mat. “We came up with the technology that you don’t even have to look [while putting your device on the charger]. We also want to solve the problem of charging multiple devices. That’s our innovation,” Puddipedi told Gadgets 360 in Mumbai. With Apple announcing its decision to step into the wireless charging market via the upcoming AirPower charging pad, Puddipedi says the way we charge our smartphones is about to witness a dramatic change.”

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