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PowerSquare Featured in The Hindu

One of India’s leading dailies, The Hindu, recently featured an interview with Pavan Pudipeddi, Founder & CEO of PowerSquare Inc, titled PowerSquare is attempting to make wireless charging mainstream.

wireless phone charger

The interview positions PowerSquare as an Indian startup that is making an attempt to change the way consumers charge their devices. Pavan Pudipeddi Founder & CEO of PowerSquare Inc states, “We feel that wireless technology is going to create a major shift. We are presently manufacturing devices for wireless power transfer with a key focus on mobiles, wearable tech, and automotive components.”

“With a multitude of lighter devices governing our lives, the next tech innovation seems to be in the arena of battery chargers. If Pavan Pudipeddi is to be believed, you may no longer require charging cables in the near future. Pudipeddi is one of the founding members of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), responsible for the Qi standard followed by all the major wireless charging brands, and co-founder of PowerSquare, a company that builds platform-agnostic, wireless charging solutions. In essence, you may no longer need to pack in bulky battery banks on trips or look for a charging unit, just before an important presentation, since your phone is out of juice.”


Read The Hindu article here.

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