powersquare in your story

PowerSquare Featured in Your Story

PowerSquare was featured in Your Story on December 21, 2017. Your Story is an international publication which focuses on the stories of entrepreneurs and changemakers.

powersquare in your story

Entitled Retire the wire: Patented battery tech built by PowerSquare, the article describes PowerSquare’s leading products, the wireless charging mat and power bank; and the PowerSquare origin story.

Imagine a scenario where you are running late for a meeting, and have only 10 percent charge on your phone. You walk up to the nearest coffee shop hoping to find a seat close to a charging point but in vain. A missed meeting, possible loss of business, and the need to make excuses to clients – such is the state of our lives today. With smartphone batteries rarely lasting a day on a full charge, carrying battery packs and chargers has become almost essential.

Now think of this – What if the table you sat at became a charger itself? With electro-magnetic induction, wireless charging has become a reality and your coffee table can indeed become a charger. Read the article.



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