Gift your dad a Wireless Charging Mat!!!

With 3rd Sunday of June just round the corner, the only question in mind would be, what to get dad for Father’s Day this year? Well we can spend lots of time googling so as to find the perfect gift for dad but I was lucky to find one soon and that’s TANGO: Best Wireless Charger. The idea for this particular gift popped up when I heard my dad saying he wanted a spot in home where only he can charge his iPhone-6. And that’s because both of us like to charge our iPhones near dining table while having dinner and watching TV.

I wanted to gift my dad something which is very new and trendy. I had heard of wireless charging from my friends and thus when I researched about different wireless chargers, I was awestruck by PowerSquare’s TANGO. This wireless charger is really cool, trendy and exactly what I had in my mind. Along with TANGO, PowerSquare also provides iPhone 6/6s Wireless Charging Cases which are Mfi certified and Qi compatible. TANGO can charge any Qi compatible smartphone (like Samsung S7, S6, Lumia 920, etc.) and iphone6/6s along with wireless charging cases wirelessly.

TANGO has a simple, sleek and elegant design. It comes with only one colour i.e. beige and black which gives a cool look as shown in Figure 1. The main reason I am buying this is that we can charge two iPhones simultaneously. By placing our iPhones on TANGO along with the iPhone6 wireless charging case (as shown in Figure 2), both the iPhones can be charged simultaneously. Now my dad would not require a separate spot to charge his iPhone as both of us can do it at the same place.”

TANGO costs $ 79.99 and iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Case costs $49.99 and thus for $ 130, thanks to PowerSquare, I found my gift to present to my dad this Father’s Day.

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