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Custom Design

PowerSquare develops in-car charging solutions for Qi-compatible mobile phones and mobile devices. Our cutting-edge technology allows drivers and passengers to simply place their cell phones or tablets wherever the charging pad is installed to power up their devices – no wire required. Our multi-coil, patented technology means there’s no “sweet spot” for the phones – users lay their devices anywhere on the pad and charging begins. The wireless charging pad can be installed in the auto’s console, glove box, tray under the dashboard, or area of your choice.

At this time, PowerSquare only offers development and design of automotive wireless charging pads for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), for installation on new models. In 2018, we will offer a wireless phone charging pad for consumers to install in their vehicles.

If you’re an OEM or ODM, or a consumer seeking a custom-designed wireless charging pad, please contact us to discuss your design.