Alexa Meets PowerSquare

It’s a daunting task to physically go to your phone everytime to just check if your phone is charged completely or even charged enough to step out to run an errand.

What if I tell you, you never ever have to run to your smartphone to check the charging status? Yes, you heard me right. You never have to see to believe if your phone is charging; coz now you can just ask Alexa.

All you have to do is download the PowerSquare App on your Android device and simply ask Alexa to enable PowerSquare.


The PowerSquare App – How does it help?

Sit back, enjoy and relax what you are doing and let the PowerSquare App take care of your battery charging.

Get value added features such as:

  • Don’t just name your furry pals. You can now name your phone too with this app. Select the name of your phone in the application (Now who’s a good boy!)
  • Get the charging status of multiple phones
  • Get notification for low battery and optimal battery charging status
  • You can customize the notification for constant reminders or no reminders at all
  • Use the privacy setting to ensure no one gets to hear your charging status

Getting Started    


1) Download the PowerSquare App from Google play store

2) Use the PowerSquare app to configure your phone with the skill

3) Talk to Alexa whenever your phone is charging and it will tell you the charging status



Get started using these commands

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